11mm Promix Pop Up Pellet

11mm Promix Pop Up Pellet

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11mm Promix Pop Up Pellet

When developing Promix Pop Up pellets, the goal was to provide a solution for almost any carp fishing situation with an extensive variety of flavours and colours available.

As a result, these pellets went through an extensive development and testing period, so that only the best-performing baits end up in the hands, or rather on the bayonets, of our customers, and hence in the mouths of the fish.

Buoyancy is key to a versatile yet easy-to-use bait. This was perhaps the biggest headache and these baits were made to counterbalance a medium thick sized 14 hook, so only the only the bayonet is raised, and the hook just touches the bottom of the lakebed.

In addition to the buoyancy, colours and flavours have been thoroughly experimented with. In addition to the most intense fluorescent colours, which almost shine even when exposed to the smallest amount of filtered light in dirty water, our range also includes more natural colours that hide in the bottom of the lake bed, to help overcome the cautious nature of fish in clear water.

In terms of flavours, we also tried to deviate a little from the usual commonly available selection. As a result, you can find unique and highly effective, proven flavours which immediately begin to leach out of the bait upon introduction, leading the fish in the area straight to the hook.

For each of the bait, in addition to flavours, we have also added various additional attractors, such as sweeteners, amino acids, special acids, oils, which all further increase the effectiveness.


FLAVOURS-COLOURS: Yoghurt-N-Butyric – White-Yellow

Sweetcorn – Yellow

Garlic-Almond – White

Coconut biscuits – Orange-White

Mango – Orange

Sweet Pineapple – Yellow

Marzipan – Green

Cheddar – Yellow-Orange

SIZE: 11mm
Weight 20 g

Cheddar – Yellow-Orange, Coconut biscuit – Orange-White, Garlic-Almond – White, Mango – Orange, Marzipan – Green, Sweet Corn – Yellow, Sweet Pineapple – Yellow, Yogurt-NButyric – White-Yellow


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