Feeder Rods

The Feeder rods or sometimes referred to as “quiver-tip” rods are rods with very fine end sections that are used as bite detection. Every nibble or tap of your line makes your rod tip bend and shake slightly alerting you to when the fish are in the area. The Feeder rod is used with bait baskets or sinkers on the bottom fishing, so are a great tool for fishing. The different tips differ in weighting for changeable sensitivity, giving the rod great versatility. Rivers with a strong flow would tamper with a more sensitive tip, so a more durable tip can be swapped onto the rod to maintain rod performance. Equally, the size of fish you are targeting will have an impact on the size and weight of the tip you chose, as a bigger fish, such as carps or other bigger fish species, will require a bigger tip, and the opposite is true with for smaller fish. The overall rod length can range between 9ft and 12ft, although when a feeder rod is near the 9ft is can sometimes be known as a picker rod. Feeder rods usually come with two to five quiver tips.

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