Carp Expert Smart Feeder Rod 40-80g, 3,6m-12ft

Carp Expert Smart Feeder Rod 40-80g, 3,6m-12ft

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Carp Expert Smart Feeder Rod 40-80g, 3,6m-12ft

Carp Expert’s latest Smart Series combines high specifications with great value for money for all anglers.

Within this Smart series, the Smart Feeder stick series, which covers all situations, may become a favourite tool for many.

Thanks to the duplon handle, providing an extremely comfortable and warm grip even in the coldest weather, the grip on the stick is easy to hold during casting.

It comes supplied with two different weighted tips which make it easy adapt to changing conditions, whether it’s a rising wind or a change in mood of the fish.

This rod would suit new comers to the sport and those looking for a feeder rod with great functionality at an affordable price.

Traditional composite technology has been used in the manufacture of these rods. They have a softer nature than full carbon, but composite rods are highly resistant to bruises and knocks, thus, they are more durable than carbon rods.
This classical handle is made entirely of high quality duplon. The solid, spongy surface of the handle offers a firm grasp even with wet hands.
The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut. A simple and reliable set up.
For many years, SIC guides were used in the manufacture of only premium rods. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, they are widely used in the fishing industry, as they are immensely durable and relatively light.


Length: 3,6m-12ft
Weight: 315g
Sections: 3+2
Action: B
Casting weight: 20-80g
Transport Length: 126cm
Material: Composite


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