Rod rests

Whether you’re using buzz bars, single sticks, or a rod pod, one thing remains constant: you need Rod rests. These come in the form of cups, grips, or rests and they provide the place for you to stand your rod. You’ll want two rod rests for each setup, one for the butt end of your rod and one for the mid-to-tip section of your rod. These come in slightly different styles, from large scooped rests to V-shaped rests with divots to allow your line to run freely. The style of rod rest you choose will usually be dependant on the angle at which you’re fishing (if you’re fishing with the tips high chances are you’ll want a cup) and whether your rod rest is at the front of rear of your rod. Rod rests tend to be plastic, as this is gentler on the rod and won’t cause damage should you get a ripping take.

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