Kamasaki Comet Runner 5000/6000, Baitrunner Reel, 7+1BB


Kamasaki Comet Runner 5000/6000, Baitrunner Reel, 7+1BB

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The Kamasaki Comet Runner is an excellent bait runner reel for everyday fishing. That’s why you can use it for several methods like traditional bottom fishing. It has a classically designed metal spool on which you can put an appropriate amount of thick (0,30 mm) fishing line. The reel simply calls for feeder fishing: multiple ball bearings, smooth running and a precise bait runner system. You can use it with thin lines, and also with braided leaders. Moreover, you can also use it for float and predator fishing.

Graphite is widely used in reel manufacturing, because it is light and durable. Its graphite housing makes this reel a reliable fishing tackle.
The spool of this eye-catching reel is built from metal. Metal spool are becoming widespread in reel manufacturing, as they are incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion.
This reel has an absolutely reliable first drag system. Adjusting your drag before fishing is of utmost importance. You always want your drag to be tight enough to tame the fish, without breaking line. You can adjust the drag by turning the nut clockwise or anti-clockwise.
The popularity of baitrunner reels is increasing. They play an important role in predator fishing and night fishing. On the one hand, this practical reel type helps fish swallow the bait properly. On the other hand, it prevents fish from pulling the rod into the water. You can set the baitrunner clutch with the screw on the back. Before setting the hook, the baitrunner clutch should always be disengaged. Similarly, when playing fish, only the main clutch should be used.



Size: 5000/6000
Bearings: 7+1
Size-Weight: 5000 – 480g

6000 – 550g

Line capacity: 5000: 0,28mm/250m

6000: 0.28mm/280m

Color: Black
Breaksystem: Baitrunner
Spool material: Metal
Spare spool:
Body material: Graphite
Gear ratio: 5,2:1
Weight 580 g

5000, 6000


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