Hayabusa P-1 Hook Size 2,4,6

Hayabusa P-1 Hook Size 2,4,6

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Hayabusa has developed the P1 hook for bream and carp fishing. It differs from the HAYABUSA L-1 in that it has thicker flesh, a slightly curved gullet and a longer shank. The hook is perfect for hair rig fishing, and the longer shank allows you to use double bait. The black colour of the hook does not create a shiny effect, so it will not arouse suspicion in wary fish. Thanks to a unique manufacturing technology developed by Hayabusa, the tip of the hook can withstand extreme stresses and thanks to its reduced cross-section, it penetrates easily into bony areas. Its design makes it ideal for all types of leader, whether soft, braided, monofilament, fluorocarbon or rigid coated. The hook is forged carbon steel and therefore has a huge power reserve despite its small size. Thanks to its unique design, it hooks and holds perfectly in all situations.


Size: 2, 4, 6
Quantity: 10 pcs/pack
Material: steel
Colour: black chromium
Weight 10 g

2, 4, 6


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