Kamasaki Tele Power Telescopic Rod 80-120g 3m

Kamasaki Tele Power Telescopic Rod 80-120g 3m

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The notable Kamasaki manufacturer now offers its meticulously designed fishing rods to passionate anglers. As its name suggests, Tele Power has the appearance of a powerful rod. It has a duplon handle.  It’s an ideal choice primarily for feeder anglers and for other anglers too. Float fishing for predator fish is a piece of cake for Tele Power. The recommended line is between 0,25 mm and 0,35 mm. It is important that we should choose a 50 or 60 size reel that has a perfect drag system. The SIC guide set is a guarantee of premium quality. The transport length of the rod is 98 cm and it can be transported everywhere without any difficulties. From the beginner to the advanced level, every angler can take pleasure in fishing with this rod.

Moderate-fast action rods bend in the first third of the rod. They are versatile rods with a truly impressive performance in any fishing situation.
The rods made it from IM5 carbon, lighter and slimmer than another glass composite rods.  These fast fishing rods offer excellent hook set and line control.
This classical handle is made entirely of high quality duplon. The solid, spongy surface of the handle offers a firm grasp even with wet hands.
The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut, because has been used for decades due to its simplicity and reliable structure. You can fix your reel to the rod with two hoods and a screw.
For many years, SIC guides were used in the manufacture of only premium rods. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, they are widely used in the fishing industry, as they are immensely durable and relatively light.


Length: 3m ~ 9,81ft
Weight: 300g
Sections: 4
Action: B
Casting weight: 80-120g
Transport Length: 98cm


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