Benzar Mix Method Spray 50ml

Benzar Mix Method Spray 50ml

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benzar mix- oz fin chasers

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Benzar Mix Method Spray 50ml

Very concentrated, with a spray design, it is very easy to use to add aroma to your feeder.

These aromas work explosively in the water, due to their carrier material they dissolve quickly and some (e.g.: Chocolate-orange) form a really attractive fluo cloud around them, so they are very attractive to fish eating near the feeder!

It comes in a 50ml bottle that should last for many sessions, yet is easy to pack.

The Method Sprays are available in a total of 6 different flavours, such as black halibut, green betaine, plus sweeter flavours, such as strawberry-honey or chocolate-orange.


FLAVOURS-COLOURS: Black Halibut – Black

Honey-Strawberry – Red

Pineapple-Butyric – Yellow

Chocolate-Orange – Yellow

Green Betain – Green

Garlic-Squid – Blue




Black Halibut – Black, Chocolate-Orange – Yellow, Garlic-Squid – Blue, Green Betain – Green, Honey-Strawberry – Red, Pineapple-NButyric – Yellow


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