Saltwater hooks

Saltwater hooks – Fishing hook size is measured at the gap between the point and the shank. Important to know how to choose fishing hooks, to select the best saltwater fishing hooks for your needs, consider the size and shape of both the bait and the fish. While it may seem intuitive that the best saltwater hooks for fish with small mouths are small hooks, there are situations even when targeting big fish where you still may want to use a small hook. Such as, when using small pieces of bait or live bait, as a larger hook may be difficult to hide in cut bait or could hinder the action of a live bait.

Circle-Hook – getting their name from its circular appear, these hooks are sharply curved back in a circular shape. They have become widely used in recent years because they provide a great hook-hold. They’re particularly good for Method work and using live baits. When a strike happens with a circle hook, the barb penetrates once the hook has reached the corner of the fish’s mouth and the hook point rotates to sets itself. Make sure to crank down and apply steady pressure when hooking with a circle type.

Bait Holder Hooks – have barbs on the shank to hold bait in place, and a barbed point to latch onto any fish that bites it. Bait holders are extremely effective. Can use it for fresh water predators too.

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