Benzar Universal Feeder Rod 20-120g 3,6m-12ft, 3+5 SECTIONS

Benzar Universal Feeder Rod 20-120g 3,6m-12ft, 3+5 SECTIONS

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benzar mix- oz fin chasers

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BENZAR Universal FEEDER 20-120g

The Benzar Universal Feeder Rod stands out from the rest, as it unites the advantages of three fishing rods. It is like boilie rods, because it has an elongated handle. This will make your casts long and accurate. Thanks to its slimness, the rod is easy to handle. Like in the case of an ordinary two-section rod, the blank is thick and durable, so it can resist high levels of tow. The two-footed, super strong guides are also a unique feature of this rod.

Abbreviated handles are becoming more and more widespread. They are made of quality cork and duplon, so that they can be grasped even with wet hands. Thanks to these handles, you can fish confidently.
This is the new version of the classical reel seat. It also has two hoods with plastic lining, but to fix the reel, you have to turn the handle.
Nowadays, there is a growing need for effective distance casting tackle. A distance casting rod has a reduced number of guides, whose diameter is wider than the average. Thanks to these unique features, the line runs smoothly through the guides. This allows you to achieve long distances.

Accurate casting plays an important role in feeder and picker fishing. IM12 rods are the best fishing rods on the market. They are made of high quality materials, and go through a modern production process. Thanks to these features, IM12 rods are widely used in prestigious fishing tournaments, as they can match the highest expectations.

Length: 3,6m – 12ft
Weight: 300g
Sections: 3+5
Action: B
Casting weight: 20-120g
Transport Length: 127cm
Material: IM12 Carbon


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