Carp Expert Max2 Feeder Rod 30-60g, 3,3m-11ft

Carp Expert Max2 Feeder Rod 30-60g, 3,3m-11ft

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Carp Expert Max2 Feeder Rod 30-60g, 3,3m-11ft

Modern anglers require durable equipment suited to specific situation. In order to fulfil this, we have created a great series of fishing rods within the Carp Expert brand. The MAX rods family under this banner offer outstanding quality at an affordable price.

MAX 2 series are made from IM8 carbon, the only rods in the Carp Expert range to be made of this grade.

The lightest rod in the series, rated to 30-60 grams, are best suited for smaller venues.

The rods are supplied with 1 carbon and 2 glass feeder tips.

They have a refined black blank with white inscriptions and silver banding on the guide, giving the series a really impressive yet understated look!

The slim blank is surprisingly light, so it is not uncomfortable even for longer fishing trips.

This rod balances best with a 4000 or 5000 sized reel.

Whether it is cage feeder or method fishing, these rods will be trusted companions for many an angler.

IM8 carbon rods meet the needs of the modern match anglers. These slim and light rods have enough power in reserve to tackle big fish easily. Last but not least, they are quite flexible, which allows you to launch your float a long way with accuracy.
This slim classical handle is made entirely of high quality duplon. The solid, spongy surface of the handle offers a firm grasp even with wet hands.
The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut. A simple and reliable set up.
For many years, SIC guides were used in the manufacture of only premium rods. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, they are widely used in the fishing industry, as they are immensely durable and relatively light.


Length: 3,3m-11ft
Weight: 260g
Sections: 3+3
Action: B
Casting weight: 30-60g
Transport Length: 116cm
Material: IM8 Carbon


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