Cralusso capri fibre glass stemmed pole float

Cralusso capri fibre glass stemmed pole float

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Cralusso capri fibre glass stemmed pole float

Ease of use, variability and a durable design were the most important expectations when creating the Cralusso Drop float family. Accordingly, the components and antennas of the Cralusso Drop floats can be freely exchanged and varied, which allows for a wide variety of combinations.

Due to its slim shape, the Capri is suitable for finesse fishing. The float has a one-mm transparent glass stem, which is completely invisible in the water. The body of the float can be turned on the stem, thereby changing the position of the center of gravity. In choppy water, by turning the chunkier part downwards, you get a stable, wave-resistant float. With a polyurethane body, the line won’t cut into the float body, and with the line going through the body, there are no broken eyes or broken antenna on the float.


SIZE: 1,5g





Material: Polyurethane
PACKAGING: 1 pcs/pack

1,5g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g


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