Kamasaki Oval Rubber Beads 6mm/8mm

Kamasaki Oval Rubber Beads 6mm/8mm

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kamasaki - oz fin chasersrig

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The pack includes rubber beads which will be of great help to us in making rigs and protect knots. Use a rubber bead to strike your feeder basket against the swivel. Everyone has been confronted with the the problem that when fishing, the basket or the anti-tangle tube of your feeder tackle keeps hitting the swivel underneath, weakening your line and your tackle. By adding a rubber bead, you can eliminate this problem and safely reel in any fish.  Choose a size that slips over the rotating eye, but is already struck by the rotating body. Its barrel shape makes it even more shock absorbing.


Sizes: 6mm


Colour: Light brown
Packaging: 10pcs/pack

6mm, 8mm


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