Benzar Mix Pro Corn Wafters

Benzar Mix Pro Corn Wafters

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In developing the Benzar Mix products, our fundamental aim is to leverage the decades of knowledge and expertise behind the brand, experience to occasionally come up with something new that really makes a difference! This year, the Pro Corn Wafters bait, a hook bait that rightfully bears the name of the world’s leading product of corn wafers a world first.

For the creation of the bait in question, the starting point was corn. Yes, corn, one of the most ancient hook bait, which is still hard to be go wrong with today. There are countless uses for it nowadays, whether for baiting or feeding, but we still saw potential to expand the variations, and so the Pro Corn Wafers was born.

The special feature of the products is that are similar to the shape of the corn, a familiar form of food identified by fish. It is also important that, their ingredients include several corn derivatives, so that even in unflavoured form they have a delicate corn smell and taste. The Perhaps the most important feature of the bait, apart from their shape, is their buoyancy, which has been adjusted so that they do not lift up the hook, just lift up itself.

The product is available in 3 different flavours to suit all seasons and water types and for all types of water.

FLAVOURS-COLOURS: Honey – Dark yellow

Sweet corn – Light-yellow

Tutti-frutti – Mixed colours

SIZE: 14mm

Honey-Dark yellow, Sweet Corn – Light yellow, Tutti-Frutti – Mixed colour


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