Benzar Mix Turbo Soft Pellet

Benzar Mix Turbo Soft Pellet

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Benzar Mix Turbo Soft Pellet – One of the most special Benzar baits in our offer! Method pellet, popup, bread punches and puffi at the same time.

It can be pinned on a hook, a sting, but it can also be hair rigged. The Long-Life version of Benzar Turbo Soft Pellet stays on the hook much longer than the previous version. It can stay on the hook for more than an hour, which is a big advantage when fishing for big fish. This time is greatly influenced by the annoying activity of the small fish.

In waters rich in small fishes, we can avoid the undesirable species with the use of the proper feeding. Put soaked pellets to the feeder. Use crushed boilies and large pellets as pre-baiting. The consistency of the Turbo Soft Pellet resembles a bread punch, covered with a special, flavoured and coloured top coat that prevents the bait from disintegrating prematurely.

We are talking about a floating bait, but it does not have as much buoyancy as a popup of a similar size, so the bait presentation is even more accurate. In most cases it only raises the sting so the hook stays on the bottom or just turns up a bit. It can be combined with live baits, but it can also be used effectively with other pellets and boilies.


Pineapple – Yellow

Tutti-frutti – Mixed colour

Garlic – Light


SIZE: 14mm
Weight N/A

Chocolate-Orange, Garlic-Light, Honey – Yellow, Pineapple – Yellow, Tutti-Frutti – Mixed colour


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