Benzar Mix Concourse Wafters 8-10mm

Benzar Mix Concourse Wafters 8-10mm

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benzar mix- oz fin chasers

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Benzar Mix Concourse Wafters 8-10mm

If feeder fishing is your thing the Benzar has you covered. From 2022 we have upped our game on the hook front with new hooks manufactured by the Japanese company Maruto! The Competition hook is primarily designed for competitive carp and crucian fishing, as it is a spade end, barbed, wide gape hook that is perfect for sweet corn as well as maggots and other baits. Its point is extremely durable, thanks to the advances manufacturing technology employed, so catching dozens of fish with the same hook won’t be an issue.


Flavours-Colours: Colour mix – Mixed Colour

Coconut – White

Halibut – Brown

Strawberry-Krill – Fluo Pink

N-Butyric – White

Pineapple-N-Butyric – Fluo Yellow

Chocolate-Orange – Fluo Orange

Packaging: 30ml
Size: 8-10mm

Chocolate-Orange – Fluo Orange, Coconut – White, Colour mix – Mixed Colour, Halibut – Brown, N-Butyric – White, Pineapple-N-Butyric – Fluo Yellow, Strawberry-Krill – Fluo Pink


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