600m Carp Expert Camouflage


600m Carp Expert Camouflage

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carp expert - oz fin chasers

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The Carp Expert lines, has been successfully marketed in Europe for many years. It performs well in terms of the important and expected properties of monofilament lines, such as abrasion resistance and resistance to environmental influences. Its special camou colour and its softness make it stand out among monofilament fishing lines. It is almost invisible in the water as it blends completely into the substrate. Its abrasion resistance is above average, its tensile strength and knot resistance are excellent. Its coating protects it from the environment and gives longer casts. The spool length is 600 m, enough to fill the spool of the largest long-cast reel.



Size: 0,25mm / 0,30mm
Length: 600m
Breaking strain: 0,25mm – 8,6 kg ~ 19lbs

0,30mm – 11,9 kg ~ 26lbs

Colour: Camouflage
Weight 120 g

0,25mm, 0,30mm


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